There are always ten traditional entrepreneurial projects for you

there are a lot of young people living in rural areas, out of rural areas, and have begun to choose home business, at the same time, in the vast rural areas there are many traditional industries can choose entrepreneurship.

1, furniture trading

2, motorcycle repair

3, animal husbandry

4, farmhouse

by the characteristics of rural construction and agricultural value of healthy raw materials, can win people’s favorite city.

5, kindergarten

6, rural venture project   mobile repair

7,   open a specialty restaurant

in the township of the downtown area, a restaurant with local preferences is very necessary. Such as: open a soup shop, spicy soup shop, wonton shop, shop, shop, mutton soup cakes, barbecue shop stores in cereals, breakfast, dinner, lunch, with a characteristic, fast, affordable, flavor win, let folks spend two or three yuan will be able to eat eat.

8, family inn

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