My view on Jack Ma on winter

Ma Yun’s "winter" theory, so that each big grass roots in the winter of 08 busy busy. Me too. Here’s my winter talk". I hope you can discuss the website development with prawns. The author is a grass-roots, writing is not good, please don’t laugh at me.


so-called "storage" is "storage", I mean the energy here, the subprime mortgage crisis gradually evolved the global financial crisis, so that the original development of the flourishing station is again depressed. As a webmaster, you have to be full of energy every day to cope with changes in the web, the Internet, and on a higher level. Only by ensuring that there is plenty of energy, can you update your website in the first time of every big event to get more traffic.


the winter of the Internet is very cold. How should we cope with it? "New" means innovation. Only constant innovation, continuous improvement, and seize every whim. Maybe an idea will get everyone to make a big hit. Perhaps you will say that nonsense, but the reality is true, perhaps we all know that there is a network of crabs in the industry, he relies on a horizontal, so that their prices rose 100%, there have been 5 million to buy the station, he is not tempted. Therefore, we must not let go of any idea, do not think that is very naive, careful analysis, perhaps when it issued… Ha ha,


once upon a time, the winner is king. Now, the king remains. The cold in winter is not for everyone. So I encourage everyone here to adhere to, do not easily say give up. He who laughs last laughs best. Don’t take 50 steps or 90 steps. As long as we don’t reach our goal, we can’t stop. Man is such an animal that, when he stops his work, he is prone to inertia. Inertia once bred, want to climb up again, will be a difficult matter.


"heat" refers to heat, enthusiasm, power. Now that we have the capital ahead, why can’t we heat out our own heat? Only by spreading the heat out of the body can we disperse the winter. Spring will come soon, and even if it does not come, it will make winter warmer than spring.

to write this article is to encourage each other and the grassroots, together with "winter". This article first appeared in the big age blog, reprinted please retain the source

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