New exploration of local portal from advertising sales to have the sword spirit

on how to develop the local portal site and so on I also wrote many articles published in Admin5, there are also many small owners to make friend with me, some time ago wrote a local portal website article a day there are more than 50 owners to make friend with me, and I chat, because I am busy, the company. Some of the new owners are not able to answer your questions patiently, and I’m sorry to hear that, but all I have to say is in the last article.

today I am an explorer of the identity and to share and discuss local portal is another way, we are in sales! China network as an example, the local portal site have done many times every kind of attempt, how to profit, also put in advertising, did the Baidu alliance, although the effect but can money is not very good. Local advertising portal location price for new sites, or smaller scale of the webmaster, or the city is relatively small city, from advertising or lack of money is very difficult.

today said don’t focus on program optimization, space, domain names, and other problems just discuss how to make money, recommend the use of PHP program,, to optimize this on your own this site is one of my first week optimization effect is better, can not stand the imitation or our website optimization. Of course, the content is king. Space must be stable, Ping should be less than 100, do not use the United States space, domain name, remember a little special features can be. If your website has been developing for a while, you can look at my sharing today and perhaps help you make it easier for you to make money. We are soft advertising recently in our local TV station on the 15 day, advertising share (, hope Admin5 staff do not delete,) television advertising is a person to do some more water, I will also have AE do this, but they are too busy and have no energy, will do with the. 18 times a day. Perhaps many people will consider can bring much traffic to you, then I tell you if you do TV ads for the IP I advise you not to do the advertising, because most people do not watch TV online, seldom watch TV online. Soft ads can make your website more famous. We have a TV coverage of around about 6000000 people here. Even if people do not access the Internet, I also want some people to talk about Chinese medicine network, all know the name, fame is a local portal site can not be a step, we also printed a promotional list.

our website’s principle is to release information free of charge, free of charge, free of charge. Do the most used information. Recently, we have mainly been here for a Chinese herbal medicine trade fair theme evening tickets, basically every day there are dozens of tickets sold, a few hundred dollars per day income. Websites for sales or group buying are local gateways

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