The psychological process of movie website operation

, 08 years ago, pushed a movie web site for a client who loves the Internet, and the clients themselves are in the sales business, and the movie sites are also running in their spare time. Now many movie websites, but generally one analysis is some garbage station. Buy a space and use the first train collection to get it done. And every day in the webmaster forum inside the mouth, said what a sad day, webmaster not life. If this is simple, you can make money, then is not every webmaster made?.

below for everyone to introduce, the movie site needs to pay attention to details.

10 million don’t let porn traffic league. Everyone in SEO every day, are talking about the user experience, then the movie site really consider the user experience?. Nowadays, the users of movies are not the ones that used to look for "small movies". Most of the users are really have the habit of watching movies. Although the porn alliance can bring some traffic, it’s also garbage flow. The movie user is disgusted with pornographic pictures.

2 page clean, user-friendly search. Most movie sites, no matter what advertising, are a whole, the real movie on the page is very small, users do not know the point, that will see the film. And most of the users will use the habit of searching in the station to find the movies that he needs to see. If this doesn’t add up, page ads are messy. No user will ever pay attention to such sites.

3 set up the movie group QQ group and customer service number QQ. To benefit from movie users, we must do our best to serve the users. QQ group can let website user assemble for a long time and discuss. The QQ number is convenient for those who request movie users. If these can satisfy users. One can imagine, you just want to start in QQ group, let everyone click advertising, income is too easy thing.

4 provides as many services as other stations do not have. The same movie site, if you are the most common one, the user if you encounter a better than the movie site, he will slowly leave your website. So provide as many services as other movie sites don’t have. Let users really feel out of this site, access to the Internet is inconvenient.

, the others are not saying. As long as the truly "user experience", this is not really so difficult. By the way, AD: push it (, sincerely welcome you to discuss and exchange with each other. QQ group: 37654261

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