QiongYou founder Shaw said, the future of our company is certainly not to subvert those you think

from a BBS to a good business, from a website name to refer to a way of life, QiongYou now and in the future will consider the question of


visit "QiongYou" at the Beijing East sanhuan Lang Park Vintage, hall crowded with streams of people busily coming and going to a bunch of people, all of them is to interview the poor travel. In the last year to get Alibaba lead investment, sincere letter with the cast of B round of investment of $10 million, the Online Travel Corporation set up 11 years to accelerate the pace of their expansion.

However, the so-called

, founded 11 years is an imaginary. The poor commercial real time before and after 2011, when it received the letter from loved capital A round of investment. Before that, it was actually a forum for amateur operations by the German IT. In 2011, the "Lonely Planet" has been successfully brought into the China Cai Jinghui, joined the team, the tour started operation was regarded as a business to do.

now has 200 employees and about 60000000 users. But it’s not profitable yet.

last week, the international online travel platform Expedia announced its holdings of 62.4% stake in elong to Ctrip, this means that to some extent the international tourism can not successfully enter the Chinese online travel market, the online travel market in the domestic competition more or "internal struggle". According to the National Tourism Bureau in May this year released "2014 China tourism investment report" in 2014, the national tourism industry actual investment of 705 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 32%, while the online tourism financing reached 30 billion yuan, is 6 times that of 2013. This market potential and dividends are rapidly rising.

2011 business started to travel to catch the first bus, but it does not seem to be fast action. 2009 to complete the A round of the network in the way cattle this year to complete the listing, and the tour the same year to complete the A round of the mafengwo number to complete the $ten million C round of investment in March this year. According to the travel company overseas upstream supplier "WIFI global roaming", QiongYou in their total service is only a small part of.

on the other hand, although the tour has been done is outbound, regardless of is the founder or employees are mostly with overseas background, but it may not have too much difference advantage. The same is to use the data source of global roaming, from the tour generated orders occurred mostly in Japan and South Korea, this to a certain extent, at present the whole tourism market, those common in poor Travel Forum on several of Europe’s American tour, self driving tour or a fixed population of feelings of consumption, not enough to become different in other online travel platform advantage. In other words, the tour is not so high.

But the poor >

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