Webmaster, please don’t ignore website voting function to use of website

when a webmaster is difficult, want to be a conscientious webmaster is more difficult. A successful website needs to know what users want and what services you can provide. Now the innumerable individual stationmaster is everywhere, and we are alone, without a strong operating team, so the light has its own mind is not a personal battle, the simplest way is to do not web service content of the survey, I will write the key steps of four aspects of site survey, in order to webmaster can quickly understand the users are able to change the mind, adjust the strategy to ensure rapid short-term users on the website of the love.

(1), the launching phase of system investigation. A friend might ask, a site investigation is needed to stage? I have to answer you, is really phased, usually in the production site to launch investigation and operating period let netizen helpless, only in the website operation four months, six months after the time through the traffic statistics to see whether the need to launch site investigation.

(2), how to let users actively participate in Web site survey?. The operation survey method can be used to complete the program that comes with voting procedures, can show the location about the part in the home on the course, in order to allow users to actively cooperate with the website poll can focus on a pop-up form, also can take pictures, click to enter the key information release module temporary replacement mode etc.. In short, such as the launch of the web site poll function, we must do so that each site to see, to do outstanding and eye-catching.

(3) content of the website poll. The most simple can vote in four, subject to the investigation, you think this website needs to be improved where or what columns, such as: 1, 2, song download column; column, 3 members, 4 members, interactive columns; operating platform and so on, as long as the users actively participate in the voting, quick access the idea you can, to the whole idea of voting form to modify the website operation.

(4), how to use website voting function to produce positive interactive function. If you are careful webmaster, can make a navigation link in the decentralization of voting buttons, links to an independent feedback, because the voting function is just a simple motivation of feedback from users, if the site has the opinion or suggestion, will this time navigation links to the message of this fully reflects the volatile out. You can also build such an exchange platform, firmly lock the hearts of visiting users.

finally, about the website poll function of the program there are many, such as the most common DEDECMS procedures, procedures, inspection CMS, imperial PowerEasy, gradually fly, including many download system have been used with this small function. Did you use today’s website polling feature?


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