Share the network, let me harvest 1500 yuan experience

I am a student of East Lake middle school in Wuhan City, since the childhood family was poor, because my father’s working place with computer, so I will contact the computer, often in the course of time, I know Wangzhuan, since then, I started my Wangzhuan career.

people always said to be poor, poor spirit, when I started to do is contact Wangzhuan, MLM referral commission Wangzhuan, I put the dishes to help others to save the planet out of 150 yuan, registered a MLM system to Wangzhuan program, I do not know MLM system Wangzhuan, joined shortly after, I learned that this MLM and there is no difference between the very poor believe that "poor to poor ambition", if in order to tens of dollars to others in their own conscience, then what will go off? In this connection, I completely abandoned the MLM pull off the assembly line wangzhuan. At the time I left the MLM Wangzhuan, I’m crazy for other Wangzhuan methods, hoping to reduce the burden on parents. In the higher time, I met a lot of friends, there are good people, also have a conscience condemned man……

this society is too realistic, the heart is really unpredictable, when I do Wangzhuan, met a selling American space friends, he told me that, now you do Wangzhuan, as the website, every day you are so hard to help others to their own propaganda, a few dollars, the last laugh still others. Indeed, the friend selling American space, as long as he can pay 200 yuan I helped build a beautiful pictures website, a monthly income of 1000 yuan is not a problem, I will believe in him, he sinks to 200 yuan in the past. In the afternoon, he helped me put energy-saving building, I alone have 15 days or so, there are almost more than 2000 IP (because it was Baidu included soon, today’s pictures can be included, tomorrow) when I IP2000 on the site open, I contacted the sale of American space friends, he told me that my station flow is too large, the server drag is broken, have to pay 300 yuan can be closed, in the days of IP2000, I also made a few hundred dollars, in order to long thought, I gave him the exchange of 300 yuan but he, over and over again here, said today what database is not enough, how much money, says IIS CPU, a super tomorrow to pay how much money, finally, no way to earn all the money to him, because the money is handed over to him he may, I want to dig out here in the water, directly to the domain name and password, the password space are replaced (which is a series of things he gave me registered, because at that time did not understand), then he put the domain name and space back, I will have no income, I’ll find to him, and he talked for a long time, he promised, as long as I give him 100 yuan, he put the domain name transfer to me, there is no way, and don’t want to give up these days of hard work, I had to go home and stole 100 yuan father, gave it to him, he is a man who knows. Brute, received 100 yuan. "

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