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website development cannot do without the network, as a new station owners, here I would like to talk about their views, and you can hope webmaster friends to learn from each other! During the period of University, I’m on the germination of site operators keen interest in my sophomore year, through his spare time the creation of their own website, I was absolutely ignorant of on site operations, initially only through FLASH games, forums and other forms to start their own way.

, my first operation of the site does not have its own domain name, nor its own space, I use the program is not modified by others, began its own website operating road. The time of exploration is not smooth sailing, I experienced several websites shut down the heavy blow, I was really disheartened, complete despair. During that time, I really want to give up, but my heart told me not to give up so much. I still walk out in the fight, I begin to understand gradually the basic step of website operation, gradually familiar with the basic idea of website development. So, I began to divert my attention, want to do a website operation,


answer, I began a second error, I to this website forum in the form of operating their own website, at the beginning, I this is utterly ignorant of, but I still rely on their own perseverance, but by themselves in good times, I learn from the Internet, library. I will be the site program to modify the mode of development, has formed its own personality but new problems again after another. This is bothering me is not shut down, but the website domain name and space necessary, because it is the two level domain name’s sake, not very good memory, make some users to visit my website again, and, because the free space is very unstable, leading to my station access speed, indirectly affect the normal the operation of the site. So, I began to realize the seriousness of the situation, but at that time, although I have a very deep understanding of the domain name and space, you can, I know that all this will be achieved by online shopping. I have never shopped online, also do not have online banking, Alipay and other online shopping payment, I felt once again fall into the abyss.

through his own efforts, and finally overcome difficulties, my website has also been successfully opened, and achieved rapid development. I didn’t have much effort to develop my website in search engines and membership. Because of his first words, naturally on the first search location.

later, I worked with web games, coupled with the previous forums, and I developed my website into a portal of information, friends, community, games, shopping and so on. Although you do not do a lot of optimization, you can, I did not do any friendship links, the PR value of your site is very high, in Google’s collection is also high. I feel I’ve done a great job,

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