Why can’t your website keep visitors

, a lot of people complain that the traffic is too small, or the ratio between PV and IP is too small, the reason is that the site can not retain visitors, what is the cause of this?


first of all, the site is not featured or the site features are not outstanding. There are many websites, itself is not characteristic of website template by copying, the content of the website by copying, this website viscosity is very low, there is a part of the site has certain features, but its characteristics deeply hidden, there is no direct stand out to tell the user in the first time. Does your website have any features? If you don’t have a feature, first give yourself a feature, then highlight it correctly and tell the user to remember it. With features, quickly think of ways to highlight their own features, so that users on your website, you can know your features. Then your website viscosity will greatly improve, but also afraid of no flow,


secondly, website design is not humanized enough, and many domestic websites have a problem, that is imitation, otherwise it is the pursuit of "face project". For example, the design of web pages. You can often see, most of the domestic web site opens, home page is advertising, as if there is no advertising, your website is not enough atmosphere. Why is this called the atmosphere? Because Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals are like this. These sites are major sites, they feel that imitate the website homepage of appearance like website, but this "atmosphere" design style, can really scare many people, so many people feel your website is a website, but not on the web site to eat and survive. On site traffic, depends on the effect, it is a long-term strategy. So the website wants to stick to the user, the design still needs humanization some, standing in the user’s point of view, how to design more can be more convenient for users, so as to really improve the viscosity of the website.

again the website open speed too slow, this one is very important, if your site open speed is very slow, every user to open a page will be waiting, waiting for the feeling is very uncomfortable, will let users have confused in mind feeling, users have a sense of how you will not love the site, not to mention to the day. If your web site opens faster than similar websites, users will feel your site is very cool, so that users feel comfortable, and users will naturally like your site.

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