Under the big age background, how can the enterprise stationmaster survive and seek development

with the rapid development of the Internet era, network power is no longer affecting people’s lives, no matter what age people will find the information they need on mobile phones, tablets and computers. In this era of hero cluster, hundred flowers, Baidu, Tencent, Taobao is the founder of this era is also the beneficiary.

we all know that no matter what age, the ultimate goal of business is profitable, as a modern enterprise, if you do not understand the Internet, no network technology, did not come into contact with the electronic commerce how to operation, then you only in the corner "enjoy" the glory and prosperity of others.

as enterprise webmaster, how should you use this platform, release information, sell products, to achieve their own wonderful


come into contact with the network marketing friends all know, a lot of enterprise website marketing promotion, bidding, a paid member of B2B, SEO, micro-blog and so on, only you try to explore, to find a way of marketing their own.

below tell me about my trial and error process.

Baidu promotion service spring breeze, only in 2010 to moisten our small city, in our local, through the Baidu bidding to promote products, our company should be regarded as pioneers. Remember, at that time the capital to the staff of Baidu, after the auction finished as about how to promote mumbo-jumbo, we pay, a lot of things are working personnel to help us set up, we are utterly ignorant of. Painstaking study a few days before I generally understand, promotion is a truth. Here on the details, Baidu promotion is through the bidding way, to get Baidu search engine rankings in search results, white spots is to pay for advertising. I do not know because the auction costs almost accounted for 50%-60% of product profits, or because Baidu promotion is not suitable for us, the boss can not see, so we promoted more than a year on the stop.

more than a year’s time, let us understand many methods of network marketing, after Baidu stopped, began to focus on the B2B platform, there are Marco Polo, electrical home, HC, B2B products can be released inside with links to increase web site outside the chain, but there is a little problem, do not apply for membership fee and his shop there will be peer advertising products, feel hard to release product, as for others to do the wedding dress, another point is that the contact SEO, found inside the B2B link quality is not high, is not very useful.

through the previous groping practice, all the pay did not achieve the desired effect, in exchange for confusion, wandering, network marketing road change, how we do not know.

then contact SEO, said earlier, the most direct purpose of the enterprise is to profit, the emergence of SEO let us re picked up the exploration of the torch.

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