Personal site, feel a few operations related topics

recently set up a website, from February this year at the beginning of the site, now to mid June, the website data performance is not very awesome, has been ranked in the back and forth fluctuations in generating profits is also have some income, this is also a website since this can earn money finally. These problems, some of the webmaster may not be able to encounter.

How do

1 and 301 turn?.

know the domain name without the WWW is higher than that of the WWW domain name, I in the establishment of the time, is opportunistic, directly with the WWW domain name to the domain name without the WWW, GOOGLE reaction to is very fast, but the Baidu reaction can be said as slow as a snail. Nearly a month, Baidu is not included. As for the submission of search engines these things, do not have to say, because this is common sense.

I have no choice but to redo the turn, do not bring WWW domain name to WWW domain name, Baidu finally included, this operation for my future site weight fluctuations produced a curse.

therefore, I suggest the webmaster, in Chinese mix, if you want to rely on Baidu to flow, or use the WWW domain name is the best, and start off without WWW 301 to WWW, finished, never change. You just do the content, the chain can. Or direct non resolution is also a square to, and another solution is to use absolute address, so that the search engine after a certain period of time to determine their own.

two, website revision thing.

website revision is also a relatively tangled things, before I built the site, originally wanted to do a small site, but in fact, found it impossible, all had to re development program. Because the website has been revised once, very happy thing is, Baidu does not have any influence to my website.

here I summarize some experience, the website is to do a 404, two is must maintain the original stable update, as for the chain, I basically have not done, a lot of time, just make a contribution in the A5, I also choose to contribute to each big portal, is operated by A5. On the other hand, personally feel that HTML’s DIV+CSS, if written well, will add points to your page.

three, domain name weight problem.

has said that the old domain is better, the weight reflected included, are quite good, this is quite right, I do not consider too much on this website, the direct use of a new domain name, so the weight of construction is really too delicate, therefore suggested that if the industry or station. Go to the old domain name, the maintenance is much better. In addition, GG optimization, as long as you are a formal means, in fact, do not need to worry.

four, Baidu ranking fluctuations,

, this is the biggest problem I’ve ever encountered. I mentioned 301> first

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