Try hard for one month to make P430 day!

from last year saw a month to build on the graph king IP1000 tutorial, repeated, careful study, from the beginning of May 17th to the station, yesterday, IP430 created a personal best, learning to get out to share with you.

1. Domain name selection. Old growth talked about, website content and domain name related, may increase the weight, I do education resource station, so the domain name selection contains EDU.

two, increase in content. In addition to adding content to the user, I believe the search engine will also like it. In order to better be included in the search engine, the title of the article I pay attention to the wording. That is, use the word "user search" as the title of the article. Some of the keywords I did not match in search, I will find relevant articles, make a perfectly matched article.

three, external links. When the website is not included, it is difficult to exchange links with others. I will find a few friends to link to the next station.

four, site structure. My article structure is shallow, no more than three directory structure,

five, URL optimization. URL can see the content of my article. Pinyin used in Chinese station

six, column directory. It is said that directories have higher weights. It feels really high.

seven, search engine observation:

1, to GOOGLE and YAHOO submitted a SITEMAP, YAHOO spent 7 days included, Google spent 4 days, Baidu 19 days, Sogou, Youdao 28 days or so. LIVE not included, all search engines I have not submitted.

2, traffic sources, YAHOO included traffic, 40~60 per day. Baidu included in the flow, Baidu is very good, very powerful, to flow particularly fierce. For a month, GOOGLE has only one IP, 10 pages later.

I’m a newbie. Welcome to make some good suggestions. This is what I do this station for a month, some experience, not experience, write out to share with you. My website address:,

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