Why is stationmaster always very busy, do not have close friend

since our website was established, we do these webmaster, seems to be busy all day long. Today, I want to update the contents of www.pipi5.com and www.27ys.com, the content of the website, the program to play a few patches, advertising links to check the revenue and expenditure…… No time to chat on QQ and friends to greet, even before the best friend to speak to us, but also bring the rationale of the day, just like a lot of things to do, and how busy is not finished, most of the basic personal website is a person in the maintenance, the results of this busy forget that. See who, who do not care for this and lose that, please. In fact, our energy is really limited, this society with the market has changed too fast, yesterday is still talking about B2B, today is talking about search engines. So, the webmaster is not a comfortable job, a busy year, many owners do not know what they were getting out, we every day under tremendous pressure in the non-stop work, but the results are always disappointed. You must have thought about it sometimes, so how do you face it?. Every day I see behind many people in the water, I don’t know whether these people are really very idle, or, you deliberately avoided


actually, you know, no one can do everything. So, we must learn to let go, learn to accept and choose, because you can not do everything. We often say that people are actually the moon waxes and wanes, grief at separation and joy in Union, also has the order of priority. Learn to do things, in fact, the most important thing is to learn how to choose and accept, what kind of things need to do, what kind of things do not need to do, must cultivate a "degree."".

site today, to do well, in fact, is not an easy thing, you and I are doing a web site, but also read a lot of good sites, many bad websites. The same is the website, why are there such differences?. In fact, summed up to sum up, nothing more than the difference between people, where is the difference between that is your relationship?. If you take your time out of the station 1 hours out, make some friends, chat, communicate and exchange. As the saying goes, "a good friend makes a good walk" makes sense. If you make more friends, so personal webmaster do stand naturally a lot easier, for example, for example, do you know a PR3 webmaster, a very good relationship, and you stand but not PR you let him and you make a connection, he could not say if you do? Don’t know the webmaster, you let him give you a connection, he will do? You think about it, don’t say too much…

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