TXT novel download station – Baidu is not the only way out (bottom)

, Google and Baidu search engine, it is our personal webmaster Yisifumu, probably the first thing each like me have webmaster get up every day to open the computer is site site site

!A few days ago wrote "

TXT novel download station – Baidu is not the only way to (on)", after the past few days have been a trance, at any time the body is in a weak state, so has no time to finish the second half, not tonight what is now watching "ace big Star" while writing these words.

well, well, Txt novel download site, download station should be a kind of less investment, is the first time I do, but it is still a little bit of experience.

I station time seems to add some containing sensitive words of fiction, Baidu KK! I X, but each flow much impact (Khan, in fact have been hundreds of IP), but the flow is carrying the direct input into the web site.

directly enter the web site, I come to a good analysis of the road to listen to you. In fact, these flows are from a document called "adult ethical novel, free download.Url", and the URL link address points to www.xxdzs.com, which is in the compressed package of each novel of my URL.

to be honest, there are still a lot of satyr on the Internet, and a little bit of seductive netizens will go to the point. So every user who downloaded my story package would click to my site.

each download a packet = a visit, this problem should not be big, but how can you let other people download more to your resource package? This needs some skills.

what skills? Answer: Thunder dog, QQ whirlpool! The two are domestic famous website download resources polymerization. In the first example the thunder thunder dog, resource collection is mainly through the thunderbolt download, file can be found in the Publish button has been downloaded, you fill in the release of this resource, so that they will be able to search after the audit, in dogs of course, you can also do a similar site map XML submitted to the dog, this tutorial thunder forum.

vortex resources are almost the same steps, everyone can try. This method is in fact I found, I do half a day after the station suddenly found the traffic surge, the check is carrying the URL directly into, I study a little, is through my bag to the resource file to the URL.

downloads by thunder dog and QQ vortex to protect, you should know the thunder’s share of the market, how many QQ users! Many of your website users after download will help you release those resources before being collected are released by the users themselves, but by less than, you have to do it yourself. Release what effect is very cow X


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