Personal webmaster experience sharing my Zhuozhou community network how to do

now the concept of SNS has been flying everywhere, since the birth of UCH, many webmaster friends are doing this, I will tell my own experience, how do I do this community network in my hand?.

the city where I live is a small town next to Beijing, no matter how good it is or not. In short, it is a small city. My position on the Zhuozhou people community network is to cover as much of the city’s Internet users as possible. I think any one city, regardless of size, it is composed of the older users should marry and settle down, just graduated from university students living in the society there is. The first should be senior site members in many places station forum dream, the reason is very simple, this part of the structure even pages landscaping requirements are not high after two people on the site, if they are largely active in a place in the survival time is here to let him feel the local local color senior, said there is a feeling of home. So this place according to my analysis, I have here a few looks very ugly but 04 years began to do the local forum, it is full of some of the small city of Zhuozhou firmly involved in all walks of life, this part of the senior member was almost firmly tied. For me such a 08 years was set up, and the age structure of the small community network, I am here to their little attraction, to see it go, because they didn’t have here to find a common language feeling.

in view of this, I told my partner to focus on attracting both lower some members who look after all, we are just graduated not long, so many people like around the circle, attracted the same crowd easily. The effect of an acquaintance is often greater than what we have imagined. As long as there are a few relatively active people in the acquaintance, then the whole community will have an indelible effect.

then, how do you promote and advertise a local station in a small town? I do it this way:

1. acquaintance, this connection varies from person to person.

2. added a large number of the local QQ group, in fact, this is not difficult to collect, bulk or you are afraid of being disgusted by the mass attracted T, you can through some tools from QQ group all QQ number, then this will become QQ were collected in the form of N local QQ mailbox, then sending. It’s important to note that the QQ mailbox can easily define you as spam. The solution is to search the Internet or move your brain.

3. to carry out activities, online and offline are very important, in view of the community network has not yet carried out offline activities, this will skip. I say online activities, is actually very simple, that is to carry out similar essay activities, such as our community in 61 when it launched a US 61 prize essay activities (the prize is a different number of q’dollars), this activity is to mobilize the enthusiasm of members of stimulating the enthusiasm of the people, similar to the more >

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