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in 2008, the global economic crisis broke out, and so did I. A few years ago, computer science was very popular. However, after I graduated in 2008, everything changed, and the popular majors of that year turned out to be an unexpected winner, and with the global economic crisis, there were very few jobs. I was very upset, very angry, a 211 computer engineering undergraduate students, but can not find a job, I wouldn’t believe. In this way, every day crazy, in the talent market resume, bring your own work, full street to interview, the interviewer said so, you ah, basic knowledge is OK, but no work experience, eh,


then I thought, "it’s OK. The 360 line is the best.". Since no one offered me a job, I created the job myself". So, borrow money with friends, 500 pieces of ocean, bought space, registered domain name, their own site, their own business. Under the A5 Pbdigg program, because I was learning the art, a week to change the Pbdigg template in the beautiful, generous, self feel good. I’ve been frantically collecting information from various websites, downloading the register, watering the website, and brushing the website IP. My website seems to feel my efforts, a keyword ranking on Baidu first, Google first, YAHOO third, soso eighth, Sogou fifth. IP5000 PV31000 every day, I am very happy, I said a sentence: "always pay a return, it is so easy to stand."". Just when I was surprised, the disaster was right beside me, but I never found it. Baidu and Google have dropped my website to K, and there are no pages left, less than 10 IP per day. Why? How could it be like this? Did my stationmaster die like this? I was very upset and wanted to find a place to cry.

from then on, I’m too lazy to update my website, and I don’t want to promote it. The website is so cold. Every day in the QQ group, see the webmaster all send a GIF pictures, "every day to update your broken website, can marry a wife?" every time I see, I laughed for a long time. Do not think about your network dream, I want to give up, or to find a stable job, married daughter-in-law is faster. In this way, the web site is left out of my mind.

today, I was on A5, someone sent a note, "do stand, insist."". I read it a few times and spoke very well. Feel like a deserter, K escape. The perseverance of doing the station is really so bad. Once the website is K, you know you are running away, instead of choosing a branch to face and solve the problem, it’s not like my style.

so I made a big analysis of the site and implemented a major operation on it. I study SEO every day, soft Wen, website promotion. I believe that "iron rod into the needle", after three of my efforts, the site has been re included, the heart is always relieved. So share my personal experience with A5:

1. takes her website as a treasure, and loves every little bit like her wife.

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