When new stationmaster does website operation, some of his own original opinion

as a novice webmaster, although the experience and knowledge of the amount is less than the old webmaster so much, but because it is a novice, compared to do stand thought has solidified the old webmaster, when the operation of the site, will naturally have some of their insights.

, whether new or old, as a personal webmaster, the only purpose of doing web site, that is to make money. Your website again beautiful, without a user access, not to earn a penny, it is no good. So our website needs to have traffic, only after having the flow, what kind of advertisement such as CPC, CPS, CPA, CPM, CPV and so on will bring us substantial income.

now site, in the eyes of the old webmaster, the site of the entrance of the flow is almost left one, that is Baidu. The first network entrance now Internet population is the Baidu home page site navigation or the class of 123, recently 360, travel like the third party browser the welcome page also became the first position of Internet users, but Baidu is still occupying the entrance of the 90% Internet users. So it seems Baidu is the only entrance flow is logical, the old webmaster to site in Baidu has a good ranking struggled, the website in Baidu ranking and also affects the webmaster heart, Baidu is a little bit small movement can let a person webmaster exploded.

and Baidu’s recent launch of Scindapsus aureus algorithm, algorithm is to let the pomegranate people were forced into the cliff is generally at a loss. As a new webmaster I have a different view of their own, whether Baidu will continue later launched what carrot algorithm, Dayali algorithm, even after all of the forums are not allowed to sign, cannot leave the anchor all over the place, we still have the website operation operation, because we are going to eat.

why don’t you put Baidu in more bearish, website operators on the mind, from the user point of view, to enhance the user experience of the website, increase user stickiness. The network has been developing, and is not a constant, do not always take the previous experience and views to look at now. Now, many web technologies that enhance user experience emerge, such as waterfall streams, a large number of Ajax applications, HTML5, and CSS3. Apply these new technologies that enhance your user experience to your website, retain repeat customers, and let repeat customers make word for you, making websites less dependent on search engines.

A novel TXT

download site http://s.txttao.com I do now is to use their own unique ideas to operate, with a small fresh style template in the web site layout, from the user perspective, provided they want most novels for the user, a lot of trial Ajax to reduce the server pressure and enhance the user experience. My idea is to let users stick to your website, how to throw also can not throw away, and through word of mouth publicity for the site to bring more traffic. Here, let me talk about my website

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