Site audience determine one of the five principles better small, not big

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said the first step is to determine the site site management is facing the audience, you want to browse the crowd, there it is here that the website is the website of entrepreneurial general, a strong financial background can be excluded, because the site earnings generally has two road, road is the first think of yourself in the future how to make money, what money, what people earn money, and then began to operate, this is called at the fire again, or could not withdraw eagle; anti road is how to make money regardless of the future, always rely on the website visitors to make money, so start with all the way to attract visitors, pull wait until the traffic flow is large enough, it is natural to want a way to make money, this is called the stones, whether black or white, catch mice is a good cat. In fact, the two way no matter good or bad, there are many examples of success and failure, but the latter, need to have enough strength to support, or you have enough money, otherwise you have enough resources, or to a location is not clear the site you can get a lot registered users, stable browsing is very difficult.

for general entrepreneurial website, all need to first determine the audience, the last one mentioned the five laws to determine the audience, the first is better than small.

as a web browser and ultimately rely on the money, as we all know, the better is not so that more people browse? Why choose the audience when still adhere to the peace is small not big in the website business? There are two reasons inside and outside.

from the website builder side, the start-up period to select a small audience is a big grasp, success may be big, pay little choice.

on the start of the site, the most difficult is to attract users in the content, function and form, determine a small audience, can accurately grasp the group preferences, can fully meet the needs of this group. The audience is bigger, more obvious individual differences, to accurately grasp the demand, it takes a long time, and more energy to do the investigation and analysis, also need more personnel to meet the needs of large groups, a business website, it is very difficult, and it is very dangerous, because once the grasp no, will lose the audience, the audience more and more people will lose. On the other hand, the audience is bigger, need to establish a team of various resources, demand more, resulting in very large pay, but these pay for an entrepreneurial website may be fatal, because once you have failed to meet the needs of the audience, you only have two paths, one is to go further, to meet the demand, which means greater pay; second is to determine the audience, which means that the former pays the most wasted.

from the web browser, a smaller audience site is more likely to cause a sense of belonging, because the audience is small, so easy to find common topics, easy to resonate, we stay on the site >

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