The 9 impact of well-designed web pages on business

lead: a well-designed web page can help greatly boost SEO, promote transactions, and increase user stickiness.


this article comes from the foreign technology blog venturebeat.

although web design has always been regarded as an art work, its significance and contribution are far from it. A well-designed web page can help greatly boost SEO, promote transactions, and increase user stickiness. Thanks to the development of web design technology, small companies now have more and more opportunities to improve their web design.

the impact of a well-designed web page on the business includes the following:

1. average browsing time is longer,

everyone wants users to stay longer on their web pages. This usually means that the user’s viscosity is higher and the completion of the transaction is better. A good web design allows users to stay longer on the page.

2. brand

as a company, if you can attract enthusiastic buyers, then your job is done. A good idea is to highlight your brand image through good web design. Software like Axure and Invision is such a tool.

3. consistency

in essence, consumer demand for good products is consistency. Hamburgers in Hongkong and McDonald’s in New York, for example, are basically a taste. Similarly, good web design ensures the consistency of the company’s brand image.

4. can scale

your web site is working right now, but what about 3 years from now? Good quality web design will ensure your ability to scale. The rapid development of the business means that the website will keep abreast of it. If the initial attention to these details is not enough, then it is bound to reinvent the wheel.

5. increases exposure

if your site design is good enough, it will be added to some designer collections. This will allow you to bring more traffic to your site. Software like Flatsies can make web page integration easier.

6. cross browser compatible

everyone has a browser of their own preference. Some people like Google Chrome, some like Safari, and some still use IE. A well-designed web page will allow your web site to be used across browsers.

7. reduces maintenance costs

in commercial society, the maintenance of time is the loss of time. As soon as your website hangs up, your exposure rate is bound to be affected. A high quality network >

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