New website, domain name on-line, half month on the home page secret

webmaster friends Hello, today I share your own website in less than half a month of time under the condition of reason can on the home page, a new domain name which is registered to me, and do the keyword competitiveness is still relatively large, so why my website can in half a month’s time it included the home page first below to figure




from the picture we can easily get the site to create only 14 days, and today has four words on the home page, here I share my three reason on the website home page, hoping to help the webmaster.

1. Buy domain names and spaces. Choose


I had to buy the domain name to the countless days, choose what kind of domain name? And where to register the domain name? And so on, after my careful consideration I think so, I do free card exchange center, then the domain name must contain mfk these three letters, originally want to register the mfkjl and found to be registered, so I have to settle for the domain name registration. As for the choice of space many articles are said to choose a stable speed, here I do not mind, but there is a point you must pay attention to, especially the new webmaster and do not understand the old webmaster, it is IIS, if IIS is not enough, easy to cause the collapse of the site, so the choice space must be registered to choose a IIS space.

two. After uploading the website program, remember to enrich the content of the website

Many webmaster do

have a habit, that is the domain name and space after the purchase can not wait to upload the program and then submitted to the search engines, actually this is wrong, we do it not to hurry, but should wait for, will upload web application must remember to modify the template, let oneself the site is out of the ordinary, add some of their own original content, it can be considered a comprehensive web site, so webmaster friends must remember: upload the program after the rich content, or submit search engines is a waste of time, the content of the website are not included in your site, who


three. To avoid fierce new chain

many webmaster on-line a web site, the first thing to think of is "outside the chain", don’t know this practice is who taught, I don’t agree with, we come to see my website outside the chain situation,



chain was 89, while the same period of the site outside the chain is estimated to be 8900, this is the site of the gap, we must remember that we are the new sites, not a few days to get search engine trust, we need to spend more time in the conception of website development.

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