Website value, the user can not count on Baidu

on the evening of October 27th, many friends appeared on the website of the official website logo, standing in a row of QQ group, everyone is talking about. Many webmaster friends talk about Baidu, grassroots webmaster attention closer. However, on the morning of October 30th, we found that the official website logo was canceled, and immediately there are a lot of friends around asking why. Guardian for the webmaster friends surprised, first thing, see more, naturally also very peaceful attitude to look at the problem. Does our website have any value? Is it really Baidu?


since this network, find the webmaster friends have been concerned about Baidu’s changes, because everyone’s website is mainly rely on SEO to flow, rely on network optimization to achieve the rank of the website, to achieve their own purposes. However, in this circle the longer walk, found the old webmaster more and more to see Baidu light, what is the reason? The guardian also consulted a lot of old webmaster friends, according to the views of guardian also give novice webmasters some advice.

1: Baidu is just a basic traffic portal.

since we do webmaster, we will see the SEO is very heavy, because through the website optimization, can let our website quickly get rankings, naturally also quickly get traffic. However, the flow is unstable, because the search engine algorithm always in advance, we may one day have violated the algorithm and not the ranking, this time where everyone from site traffic? So the guardian suggest webmaster friends, put your site to create a brand, allow the user to remember your site, remember you collect your website URL, and URL, so they do not rely on Baidu to enter the site. Many of the old owners because the site has a certain user groups, so basically do not have the hair of the chain, basically do not focus on the ranking, because this website has a specific user groups, through the word of mouth has been spread down.

two: looking for a wide range of marketing models.

search marketing mode in many aspects, although many of my friends have said this, but really doing is still a few, or one or several did not focus on blogs, forums, micro-blog, pictures, video, e-mail, QQ and other marketing promotion, because the novice webmaster or the Baidu SEO as optimization all the basic core websites. So another way of marketing you not to try, or do not see its value, we can increase the site traffic? We cannot and users to communicate, understand the user needs, our website can condense the old users? Believe it is impossible. Just like a row of stations, 28 push are engaged in essay activities, which is a very good interactive marketing. There are only a few who really stick to it, because most webmasters see SEO as a god of omnipotence, and what can be done eventually, and I’m sure everyone will understand.

three: website value, the user can not count on Baidu.

what is the standard for a successful website? The website is useful to the user, and the website can

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