Garbage 3 years earning five thousand avoid competition is the best competition

today drink back! Don’t write soft Wen for a long time! Want to see this issue published under the competition today! How to dump a monthly income of five thousand to about ten thousand! The answer is very simple, you go to see the project that no one do you win at the starting point! For example my station! In fact, I have to do is AD! QQ from the garbage station owners, the development of two years did not realize what achievements until this point. Do what others have done the project! Actually others do not have a lot of content, no need to put all the focus on QQ expression, QQ head, QQ signature, QQ net, QQ space around it! I said a few words around almost no way to do what to do, to find the other! The project, the project to avoid the edge! Many webmaster in the project! Say I now in the operation of the DNF game name! This project is very few people will go to to establish a domain name to do! In fact there are many, such as the birth of a new game! Or from the Perspective of the industry such as slimming products, accurate to a class of products; women’s clothes, accurate to a certain brand of clothes or bags in precise to a season! So it is good to avoid the competition! Do you know what I mean to say

!What we need to do

selected items? The answer is very simple, is to enrich the content and promotion of content link! I want to say is, no need to update every day, why? Because you choose the industry long tail is very thin! Not so much content can go full! So fill relevant content you the selected item is good! It may involve the contents are added, and then filled with some of the surrounding content and not related to the content, pictures, video and other you want to put your title! At least the keywords of the content to fill, this is not difficult! But please pay attention to the original degree the content of the chain! Well! The content like a spider web interspersed, user-friendly, affinity spider! Like my DNF game name, I write the main content is the DNF pet name, trade name DNF, and similar words Dungeons, warriors, names, etc., plus the relevant content, and then add some DNF related video and Raiders! Enough! After next week or even every month plus one or two pieces of high-quality, original content can be high!


then is the chain! I think this too cautious! Two days to see SEOWHY Master said in the article, the new station will have new! You are a new spell out what appear so much outside the chain? So the chain must increase slowly, station can do! But the right key slowly let’s raise! Don’t worry! The world is not a short duration of time can play down! The day or week with a certain amount of link is safe and stable with the link! I do not want to say, but my favorite is to find the link where rival to YAHOO, the chain query survey there is like me! Write text, to webmaster website, then signature links, raise some Adsense nets, the laggards, china>

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