Li Xinrong facing the phoenix nest correctly, facing the problem correctly

has been busy with work recently and has rarely published articles, but found that many friends still pay close attention to my blog. I feel very happy. Here, Li Xinrong thanked all my friends for their concern and support.

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Baidu phoenix nest in December 1st finally on-line, many friends are very looking forward to the arrival of this day, but unfortunately should be that sentence "not yet arrived, looking forward to, but not the original thought of Ruyi."". In the evening of November 30th to the morning of December 1st, many of my friends found out that they were out of control, and they were both complaining and insulting to Baidu and qq. Indeed, at that time I also complained, and the heart and mind struggle, after all, still rely on keywords to flow, reducing the flow of N times, regardless of the site itself or income impact is very huge. Meditation, however, was not necessarily a bad thing; at least this incident gave us the opportunity to reflect:

1, keyword lost, the impact on the site, and that proves the instability of our site. If only rely on Baidu keyword flow to survive, it proves that our website viscosity is not high on the user. What does that mean? The quality of our website is not high. If the traffic is unstable, that is, the quality of our website IP is not high, such a site is indeed worthy of our review. Because if most of the site traffic by Baidu keyword, then our website traffic and income will be very unstable, after all, Baidu stability we all see. So what we should consider is how to solve the problem of the website, not complain.


website 2, many friends of the ranking drop, what it means? Explain our competitors less, if we can try to update the original content, looking for high quality connection, believe keywords will soon line up, and may be better than the original


Baidu phoenix nest program has just launched, the impact on us may be very large, in addition to keyword ranking down, today also found that many sites have been K. Baidu phoenix nest system just on the line, will certainly have some impact on the search results, as long as the intention to do their own things, adhere to update, insist on the chain, usually insist on doing things, such as Baidu back, you may get the ranking will be higher, the flow will be more general than those problems, better friends are everywhere complain.

the same thing, different ways of thinking, will have different effects. From the point of view above, we will try our best to do the website well and have more confidence to do it. But complain like some of the friends in the group or in the forum, believe that your website will eventually give up, because you have lost to yourself. So, not only as a webmaster, as a SEOER, or as a SEMER, we must correct their mentality, when problems occur, change the angle to think about, we will find <

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