ntegrity of the network needs to improve the integrity of the transaction, honesty is king

on the afternoon of July 2nd, many webmasters in the forum and QQ group reflect their web site can not open. At first, the webmaster thought it was a normal network fault, or that the site was suspended. Later, a webmaster broke the news that Taizhou primitive people network collapse, and volume missing. Suddenly, the news in the webmaster circle and IDC ring fried pan.

later confirmed by the parties, the original network is empty, Juankuan missing. Taizhou primitive man company has been empty, the relevant staff and customer service phone is no answer. According to informed sources, the original human network as early as June 20th has been transferred all the servers, Jiangsu Telecom also filed a lawsuit against it in June. Primitive people know that in the case of bankruptcy, still said that the upcoming arrival of the debt 30 million financing and listing, on the one hand to raise prices, on the other hand, inform customers to expand business volume, in order to defraud more funds to escape. This kind of behavior has caused extremely serious loss to the webmaster to the IDC agent. According to incomplete statistics, the incident spread to tens of thousands of websites, involving hundreds of IDC agents, involving tens of thousands of webmasters. Not only to the webmaster and IDC industry caused tens of millions of losses, but also once again put the IDC industry on the "good faith crisis" cusp.

The original

people run away incident unfinished, and today there is a webmaster broke the news, Beijing extension wind Weiye Technology Co. Ltd. has been closed. What a wave and a wave. In fact, in recent years, there have been repeated failures IDC operators, the relevant person in charge of the disappearance of the incident occurred on foot. IDC industry has also been tested in the integrity crisis. Again and again the "two landlords" volume missing event, so that we have to think about the future of the IDC industry, but also have to think about how to strengthen the IDC industry integrity system construction. Moreover, the issue of integrity is not only the focus of the IDC industry, now the whole Internet is facing a crisis of integrity. Lack of credit in the Internet service industry has seriously threatened the healthy operation of the entire Internet industry.

search engines, e-mail, online games, e-commerce, portals, new things that breed in the Internet continue to change people’s views, behaviors, and even habits. We depend on the Internet, and the Internet has even become an integral part of our lives. In 2011, China’s Internet market will reach 137 billion 504 million yuan, while the total number of Internet users in 2011 will reach 600 million of the public, the Internet industry has become a force in China’s economic development can not be ignored. When the Internet companies continue to develop profits, the corresponding social responsibility will be placed in front of. While competing with traditional industries, Internet companies should shoulder a social responsibility and realize that the benefits generated by Internet companies and the formation of network culture will have a profound impact on people. Only by shouldering a responsibility, observing professional ethics, carrying out the basic principle of good faith, and providing the satisfied products and services for the users, can we guide the Internet industry to develop in a more healthy and orderly way. The establishment and perfection of the good faith system is the responsibility and responsibility of all Internet users

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