Baidu index (Baidu included) conjecture

read the article on xxgohst’s Baidu rotation index (see last), I basically agree with his conjecture, and make a supplementary guess.

according to my observation of the more than 40 stations, some of my stations are often included in fluctuations, occasionally missing a few pages, and answering in a day.

the following article according to the experience of pure conjecture, not accurate, please Paizhuan, please add


I feel that Baidu is not just two servers, including the same station, but N servers,

assumes that the a server includes your 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 pages


B server includes your 2, 4, 6, and 8 pages

n server included 12, 13, 1, 2, 4, 6 and other pages

, your station is likely to show the inclusion of the result is: included 15 pages.

but when you click "check more", you will display only 11 pages (which I believe everyone has seen),

further conjecture, not updated before may only display the a server number included, while B and N belong to the internal audit server server, so no display, and after the audit, when will Baidu big update, a, B, n three servers all included page summary to a server.

at this time, there has been a huge increase in your website.

why Baidu is always a small weekly update? This cycle when we work, every Thursday / Friday a meeting once a month at the same half a month, Baidu update rules, I guess the period is the audit, which is Baidu SE staff meeting "reporting results of time [May meeting format is this: XX staff report: n server this week new site 1000, the new increase included 1 million 300 thousand, found 100 thousand illegal", found 200 thousand over optimized page, according to the regulations of the company, has removed 300 thousand pages into the black box, through the review 1 million ". Then the supervisor signed the word "well, submit the 1 million pages to the main server", and then, at midnight, gradually release the qualified web pages, and our website is added.

Baidu is a company, certainly has the company’s workflow, and certainly someone is responsible for the search results. After the data submitted, the server will be submitted according to the total weight of a web page to page ranking, because the number is too large, so the server needs some time to calculate, this is why the general to update after our ranking will be.

xxghost said the two server algorithm is not exactly the same, I think that is the difference between the main server and auxiliary servers, two servers to save the contents of the number is not the same, the natural ranking is not the same, but the rank will not be too different "

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