8 trends in web design that are about to be eliminated

The age of

has been changing, and we are amazed by the innovations after another. The trend of web design is like a shooting star. It shines brightly, but it comes quickly and goes quickly. Although the trend is not good, there seems to be no design idea, but many design trends really deserve to follow. Like the current responsive design, flat design, and scrolling parallax.

but, as well as the design trend of many extremely "dross", this paper enumerate one by one, please.

1., in addition to the old diehard in the era of telephone lines, no one likes the page Jump now,


"next page", "a", it can show the contents of a page, to jump 20 times to look at the whole, you put the user as a fool? Tedious and time-consuming and inefficient, nobody love too frequent web page jump.

2. ad



does have a lot of sites that rely on advertising revenue, but the location of the ads must be reasonable, not to hinder users from browsing information, and the user experience is always on top of the ad. No user visits, no one to advertise for you.

3. popup window, get out of the web design community


pop-up window, this rogue thing should have been out of the web design community.

do you think users will be happy when they waste time on meaningless things,


4. anti human horizontal scroll


now web pages are basically vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, too disrespectful to user habits, and vertical scrolling, press the wheel, you can, up and down the thumb, you can. Horizontal scrolling drag and drop, users operate very annoying.

(editor’s note) it is not recommended to use this horizontal scroll unless interactive pages can be made to be concise and efficient.


5. automatically broadcasts


, don’t show your music tastes to the user. You don’t want to listen to people who love to listen to you. You may drink coffee at home, design your web pages leisurely and play with music. The user is willing to operate in the office, conference room, web pages, try not to insert automatic music playback in the page. Video also is, want to have degree, the user does not want to see, do not play automatically.

6. share button


share button lists several representative, user base is good, do not have too much

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