A platitude; a pseudo original writing method

before discussing this question, we should have such understanding, what is the purpose of your website, what kind of information can you provide for the visitors?. We all know that web content is king. Then, the core of content should be to provide the most appropriate content to as many people as possible, and that’s what you build your web site for.

well, according to the above, we’ll talk about the pseudo originality of several websites:

one, Title Pseudo original method

1, digital replacement method to achieve pseudo original, such as you see the article title is "how to let the site included in a day", then you can change to "how to let the website in three days included"


language substitution, in fact we most advantage is that we Chinese language, so to speak a word is broad and profound, can use a variety of means to express, such as "how to make your website" in one day, then we can also be changed to "one day is how to make the website included." this is another way of expression.

two, content, pseudo originality, methods and techniques

1, the first words of the original style, also is the beginning of the article to write my own words, words about 100-200 as well, some views such as the first paragraph you can write you read this article summary, it can also play a guiding role.

2, the pseudo originality of paragraph adjustment, you can arrange the order of the article without affecting the content and readability of the article.

3, pseudo original combined method, such as a long time, you can go to a number of related articles look at the views of others, and then expressed in your language, naturally become one of original articles belongs to you.

4, at the end of the article with your own words, I believe we all see a lot of friends, in many websites have seen a lot of notes, and this is where the skills.

through the above method, then you should be able to quickly write their own pseudo original content. You can contact me with more writing skills.

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