Google to abandon the Chinese market a long premeditated strategic speculation


just by his country heart attacks, Internet users have not settled down, injury rehabilitation is still healing, according to foreign media reports, Google said recently are assessing their feasibility in China commercial operation, and may completely withdraw from the market Chinese. Google’s official blog said it was considering shutting down Google china". The news came out like a tsunami on the internet.

Google first entered China market, this way is also quite hard, although received some threshold conditions, after all, provide more choices for the walk on the road to the market of the country.


launched Chinese search engine from Google in 2006, has experienced in the China license tax evasion door, door, door Sogou, Shehuang doors and a series of twists and turns; Li Kaifu, President of Greater China, Google also announced last year that left.

put aside the so-called political interests, rather than Google to withdraw from the Chinese market, it is better to say that he took the opportunity to speculation about their strength, to verify their extraordinary technical strength. The Google withstand any invasion and attack, while Baidu was attacked began to fall ill, and cure ability than Google, this is Google Baidu of this disdain and contempt of strong competitors, but also on behalf of Google for an occupation literacy advocate fair and open principles of search results.

Although Google

in strategy and tactics slightly inferior to Baidu, but Google search volume in China influence and users greatly higher than Baidu, Baidu on behalf of the official, Google is the representative of the public, at this point, Google will not easily lose China market, although the financial crisis on the Google marketing is extremely limited, but China market is absolutely necessary for any business, but Google really will abandon Chinese


and even Google really left China market, Baidu is unlikely to grow a large, before the Sohu NetEase after Sogou, Youdao, search and Tencent, the wolf like peeping at Baidu, and Google can really give up China market, the answer is always no..


if the final farewell we really kind of sad, well ingrained will be accompanied by the day without Google, and was looking at a lot of information from the lives of the state with extreme ease.

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