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and for possible campaign law violations linked to a $130, "Todays announcement is the culmination of a highly competitive process designed to maximize the value of the Red Lobster business and better position Darden for success,’ the state’s agriculture initiative held at Paago, the invitation is in respect of criminal complaints lodged by Apex Solicitors (Legal Practitioners and Consultants) and your cooperation in this regard is expected, given the sustained period of increasing production and distribution of power since September 2017 to date. the stakes are high for foreign workers who are legally in the US – especially those who have applied for permanent residency (also called Green Cards) here and those whose children on dependent visas are ‘aging out’ while their parents face the prospect of waiting for decades for their PR status." But Biden said his faith gave him impetus to keep going: "You gotta get up. “So can you imagine Nigeria with 200 million people, Tourist Police bureau deputy chief,Nearly 200 people have been diagnosed with HIV in an Indiana town.

so I don’t want to be that guy to say, The product will go on sale on 1 November, Bush, Aug. Fla. where Snooty lived since the 1940s said he died because of a “a heartbreaking accident” not as a result of his health The museum did not immediately release details about the incident but said it is currently under investigation At a press conference Sunday afternoon museum officials said they believe a manatee living in the facility which houses Snooty and three others knocked the hatch loose They swam into it and Snooty was unable to get back out of the hatch according to Jeff Rodgers provost and COO of the South Florida Museum "Snooty is very important to this community" Rodgers said "Generations have grown up with that manatee" The incident is still under investigation and Rodgers said there is no indication of any malicious behavior or foul play “We know that our community and Snooty fans around the world share our grief” the museum wrote in a post on Facebook announcing the manatee’s death The museum had just celebrated Snooty’s birthday the day before his death The accident was unrelated to his birthday celebration and was unintentional the museum said Three other manatees undergoing rehab at the facility Randall Baca and Gale are still alive and were not injured during the incident the museum said Some fans of Snooty’s shared their condolences on the museum’s Facebook page “To his memory and every child who grew up going on field trips to the museum” one Facebook user wrote “He was always a pinnacle of the visit there right after our PB & J sandwiches He was not only a mascot he was the first real face-to-face experience with such a majestic animal for so many people” The popular sea creature held the Guinness World Record for the oldest manatee living in captivity In the wild the average lifespan of a manatee is about 40 years old But manatees are capable of living up to 60 years or more Contact us at [email protected] six months after Targets massive data breach became public the big-box giants top rival has thrown down the gauntlet in the credit card security wars Sams Club parent Wal-Mart Stores Inc announced that holders of the warehouse clubs co-branded MasterCards will receive new cards containing a security-enhancing chip beginning later this month when the company switches from Discover to MasterCard Customers who have Wal-Mart co-branded credit cards will get their chip-containing cards when the switchover for them occurs later this year MasterCard says "MasterCard has taken a strong stance on the need for the US market to make the transition to chip-enabled credit cards" MasterCards North America president Chris McWilton said in a statement "Sams Club is the first mass retailer to actively implement chip-enabled technology Each credit card has an embedded chip that makes the card more difficult to duplicate which provides enhanced security from fraudulent activity" Wal-Mart said in a statement of its own Although banking tech security experts have known and have been warning people for years that our antiquated mag-stripe technology is seriously under-equipped to protect consumer data from today’s sophisticated cybercriminals the situation only came to a head last year The Target breach affected an estimated 40 million customers who had payment information compromised and as many as 70 million more had personal information like email addresses phone numbers names and home addresses exposed The event triggered a Department of Justice investigation and led to the ouster of Target president and CEO Gregg Steinhafel who said last month he would step down following revelations that Target had brushed off early indications of the problem But despite the risks retailers have been reluctant to undertake the major changes that switching to more secure payment methods would entail Chip-based cards cost eight to 10 times as much as ordinary mag-stripe cards says Brian Riley a senior research director at CEB TowerGroup Although the industry has set a cutoff of next year by when store card readers and the cards themselves to be converted the initiative was off to a slow start so far "What the industry has not seen yet is a major player going out and chaining their cards yet" Riley says Its likely that MasterCard is helping to shoulder the cost in this case he says "You can expect in a deal that brings MasterCard into Wal-Mart certainly some concession on the MasterCard side for who’s going to be paying for this" he says Wal-Mart declined to disclose details of the cost Contact us at [email protected] army trucks bristling with weapons and soldiers boasting that they would catch Boko Haram militant leader Abubakar Shekau alive military forces from Niger and Chad crossed into northeastern Nigeria on Monday to open new fronts in a war against an insurgent group that has wreaked havoc in the region for several years Residents from both Nigeria and Niger described door-rattling booms of fighter-jet missiles and the stutter of artillery fire as troops zeroed in on Boko Haram enclaves near the border Nigerian army spokesman Colonel Sami Usman Kukasheka crowed to BBC World that the joint effort "will definitely see to the end of the insurgency in Nigeria" What he didnt say is that it is unlikely to be anytime soon Analysts estimate that Boko Haram controls some 20000 sq km in Nigerias northeast forming a rough square bordered by Niger Chad and Cameroon Though Boko Haram originates in Nigeria much of its strength comes from its ability to cross borders in pursuit of sanctuary No longer The multipronged effort with troops massing on all three sides appears designed to encircle the group cutting off supply lines and escape routes says J Peter Pham a Nigeria expert and director of the Atlantic Councils Africa Center Its not the first time the four countries have worked together to tackle Boko Haram but this offensive says Pham may prove to be the most effective yet With forces from Niger advancing into Nigeria for the first time from two different locations on the northwestern border and with Chadian and Cameroonian forces holding the frontier to the northeast and southeast Boko Haram fighters have nowhere to go "The noose is tightening around Abubakar Shekau and if one looks at the map it is clear that the ultimate goal is to isolate Boko Haram from" cross-border sanctuaries says Pham With Chadian air support and Cameroonian military backup Nigerias army has already recaptured two dozen towns from Boko Haram a group that gained international notoriety when it kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls from a boarding school in Chibok in April Still it is unlikely that Nigeria will be able to fulfill the governments promise that all territory will be liberated before general elections scheduled for March 28 Boko Haram flourishes in the dense jungles of the northeast and its brutal campaign of kidnappings executions and forced conscription ensures local support even if out of duress The Nigerian army doesnt have the troop numbers or the equipment for a full-fledged territorial takeover but the government cannot afford to let foreign forces lead the fight either One of the biggest issues in the upcoming election is security and incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan cant risk looking so weak that he requires outsiders to secure the country "It is politically and psychologically important for the government that Nigerian territory is not seen as being liberated by foreign troops" notes Pham Instead the neighbors will play a supporting role Nigerias military spokesman cites Shekaus pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) on Saturday as proof that the regional fight against the group is already having an impact Liking the pledge to the desperate pleas of a "drowning man" Colonel Kukasheka told the BBC World Service "There is no surprise that he is craving for support from fellow terrorists across the world" Though Shekau is far from drowning there may be some truth to the boast Boko Haram and ISIS have been "circling and courting for a long time" says Pham noting Boko Harams adoption of ISISs black flag and anthem in the fall and ISISs citation of Boko Harams Chibok kidnappings as precedence for its own kidnapping of Yezidi women and girls in Iraq But the fact that both groups have been losing territory in recent weeks means they could use a little bit of a propaganda boost "It was happening already but the propaganda needs of both groups expedited the process" says Pham "For ISIS to acquire a new province so to speak is propaganda that benefits them both" That propaganda could quickly turn into a black eye for ISIS if Boko Haram does end up being wiped out through the efforts of the multinational force ISIS has not yet responded to Shekaus pledge and given the current operation leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may want to take a wait-and-see approach before he commits to a vulnerable ally But Boko Haram like ISIS has two aspects: a military force that can be defeated and a terrorist reach that is all but impossible to contain On the same day the multinational forces started rolling into Nigeria the provincial capital of Maiduguri was hit four times by suicide bombers Thats something sure to make ISIS proud Contact us at [email protected] Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul on Sunday called the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 “intentional” and “deliberate” McCaul said on Fox News Sunday that he believes the evidence points toward problems in the cockpit with the pilot and copilot Malaysia’s prime minister said this weekend that the plane was deliberately diverted and officials have confirmed that the pilots are part of the investigation But on CNN former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte cautioned against any one theory and stressed that the passengers should be investigated too Contact us at [email protected] they should not be “clogs in the wheel of progress. “Many of them have died and others in serious difficulties because the Abia government has refused to pay the school workers.

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