Amoy zern contest CEEN will be announced the ultimate result of back soon!

is 2 months of the first quarter of CEEN zern · world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition and finally came to the end, you will complete the Taobao waiting Keyou also finally in today’s "Halloween" released! I wish everyone a happy holiday ~

below, our lovely curator read out the full list of first season events:

winners, please contact QQ1597389813 at speed to communicate awards,


first season is zern debut in Taobao costumes guest field, got all the enthusiastic support of friends, thank you very much. In addition, we would like to thank A5 webmaster network and a lot of network media support.

was it fun? Wasn’t it enough? Was it too short? It was just the beginning, and ended with enthusiasm?


"calm, the second season is about to return,"

– more exciting competition system, more dazzling stage, as well as mysterious "Mr. policy", continue to accompany you "Bachelor", "Christmas", "welcome to 2012", "


, Win, with, CEEN,


zern zern Sina micro-blog Taobao mall

events page:

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