Ji Shiquan through the website record, difficult to reflect the webmaster problem

website filing difficult

a set of national conditions for the site filing system in the past few years has begun to run, and some people complain about the beginning, now the filing system has been strengthened, and many webmasters are against. Of course, many loopholes in filing system and process unreasonable let too many people refer to, I also have very hate. I personally feel that in order to regulate the Internet, in order to put an end to bad information, the effect of this approach will not be too good. But also, inciting people harass the people and waste money for many webmaster, holding a stomach gas.

but then again, this is the policy of the state law, there is a right to control. I think even if we have bigger grievances and stronger opposition, it will be of no avail. Therefore, I suggest that you do not focus on the filing, do not put too much effort on the record, then you can listen to me how to analyze and deal with this problem.

site filing difficult to webmaster what is the benefits of


filing difficult means that a new station is also difficult, can not be like before, one day you can go on-line a few stations.

recently, in a webmaster website, there is a survey, a webmaster has 10 websites at the same time, not a few. Such problems will come out, and more sites for more records, filing the more the more difficult, the more difficult. The filing system is getting more and more complex and the stationmaster is getting worse.

then I’ll ask the webmaster several problems; why should we build so many stations built? So many stations can make money? This problem is like in China prior to the implementation of family planning, a couple can have N more than one child, the child is more and more, life is more and more difficult. It was not until the family planning was carried out that a good improvement was made.

if we can concentrate on building multiple stations at one station, I think the first thing will not be to worry about filing. At the same time can also develop the website, can obtain considerable income. The probability of multitasking can achieve the goal of small, concentrate on one thing that would be easy.

I used to be such a problem, too many management sites, but also raised a lot of domain names, but can get very good results of the web site is just another. So I cut off other websites that didn’t have much advantages and didn’t make much progress. I focused on better websites and soon achieved great results.

China’s implementation of the filing policy, I want to start point is good, but also for our country to have more excellent sites, adsense. Doing fine and strong is what we need. What do you think,


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