Girls addicted to network suffering from depression, webmaster should also prevent excessive indulge

today saw the news that girl depression addicted to the Internet to see friends six times away from home, a 21 year old young girl addicted to online dating, a few degrees away from home to meet with friends. This is her sixth disappearance, over indulging in the virtual world, coupled with the experience of running away from home many times, has left her suffering from depression. This not only affects her life and her studies, but also has a bad influence on her future physical and mental development.

according to incomplete statistics, the number of online games users has exceeded fifty million, and the number of Internet users is as high as 253 million. The Internet has gradually penetrated into every corner of our lives. Have to admit, we can not do without the network. Work to sit in front of the computer busy, amateur also has a lot of time in the use of Internet entertainment. Indulging in the virtual world and getting addicted to Internet addiction has become a problem many people have to face.

is, in reality frustrated through the game to vent and meet, others can not understand the reality of the idea can communicate with friends. Network has brought us a lot of convenience and benefits, but excessive addicted, will only confuse reality and virtual reality, unable to face encounter setbacks, will be closed in the virtual network space inextricably bogged down in. Even as a young girl, depression can affect the development of life.

, while enjoying the happiness that the Internet brings to us, we should avoid indulging. Adsense nets satisfied that the same principle applies to the webmaster. Webmaster in doing the station, should avoid excessive indulge in it.

Adsense is a special group, as a grassroots group, they know that they are excellent, vision is wider than others, and show the stage than other people. But they always make a low-key stand, love their career, they are proud, but modest living. Most of them consistently adhere to, just when the site of the day to stay up late update, waiting for Baidu included that tough months, was search engine K was included again and again suffering, write soft Wen, around hair link promotion…… These ordinary people may be difficult to adhere to things, the webmaster are holding on. But most people do not understand the hardships of webmaster, how many people know that every day the webmaster stay up late to update their website,


as a webmaster really hard, but the reason that All sufferings have their reward. stationmaster is the most. Look at their station, the flow continues to soar, PR value continues to rise, income is also increasing day by day, will always be filled with a sense of accomplishment. Webmasters are ambitious, they believe that grassroots can eventually grow into towering trees, they believe that every station can become a king, and even Ma, Ding Lei such people. So they keep trying, even paranoid. They closed themselves in the online world, every mind is how to optimize your web site, how to improve the traffic, if you increase the Wangzhuan income…… Although Adsense this career has a bright future, but not stable, so only a paranoid to allow their website to survive. >

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