How to build high quality website sites at low cost


with the gradual rise of Internet in China, more and more people have their own sites. The purpose is different, some are purely for hobbies, opened a blog. For example: maybe (has been wall), cattle Bo net (also has been wall), fresh fruit Some want to make money and start a shopping website. There are more websites like this. Google, shopping sites are out of 23 million 300 thousand results. Another is not just to make money on the website, but to make money on the service. No matter what station you build, you want to build a high quality site. Here’s how to build a low cost, high quality site. Very suitable for site novice webmaster use.

site theme selection

the soul of a site lies in his subject. It’s like a company can’t do a good job. It’s important to choose a good theme for your site. But how do you choose a good topic,


whatever you do, focus.


Google’s concentration has long been well known, and Robin Li has followed suit to make Baidu. So, no matter what topic you choose, keep in mind one sentence: focus, focus, focus!!!


do what you like and do well.


Valley’s success is that it has gathered a group of Google fever users as part of their team. Thus gathered a large number of users interested in Google. So, before you choose a topic, make sure you figure out what you’re going to do and what you like to do.


as the North Star blog itself, is very interested in the original blogger on IT is like the article, after about five or six years, until suddenly with his interest in understanding and translation of it news to do the Polaris blog.

is either creative or practical, but it must be original.

you do it for the user, not just for yourself. Are you willing to go to a new site? Are you willing to go to a site can not bring any effect to you? Are you willing to go to a site reproduced everywhere? If you do not want to, so visitors will not hesitate to leave you. Think carefully about what to do. Share your thoughts with the message.

site hardware selection

to the site to select the hardware is also very exquisite. Space, traffic, databases, programming languages, domain names, speed, etc. all need to be seriously considered. But fortunately I have some experience in this field

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