‘m the boss. Who am afraid of

boss refers to the supreme leader of an organization or a group, the brothers work should take into account the boss, boss work will also take into account the brothers, a group that will develop more and better. In China’s Internet search industry, Baidu is the boss, although GOOGLE is the oldest in the world, but in China, you can only take the second seat.

as a webmaster of our website, should not only consider the boss of the second, more important is to look at the boss’s face, and the boss from work is whether you 37 twenty-one, did hurt some people never say anything, only victims everywhere complain, curse boss is not fair, such as the.

5.12 China people will not forget, 5.31 China network industry people will not forget, Baidu as Chinese search leader, K overnight off many website, the same place I website: one of the North Bay information network www.bbwxxw.com network is also a victim, suddenly set off a storm. Grassroots webmaster, the bottom of the Internet builder, boss care about us,


June 6th, traffic statistics web site as usual and view, discovered in June 5th more than 10 antecedents is not from Baidu, I believe, is Baidu included? Baidu search, included the more than 300, Baidu is collected to determine the North Bay Information Network I. Check some friends have also been K off the station, there are many have been re included, there are some have not been re included. Now Baidu’s approach has returned to half its original level.

this time a large number of K stations and re included, I do not know whether the adjustment of Baidu, or to show the prestige of its boss, informed sources do not prevent revealing.

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