How to add the chain in English station

many do foreign language station, don’t know how to add English to the chain, here I want to talk about how to add English to the chain.

in Chinese station, we know that the blog has Sina, Hexun, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu space and so on, the forum has A5, a push, you can write articles, leave the link, lead spider, in addition to what the forum, what the website can use Baidu Search, find very convenient, but does not know how to English station looking for.

in fact, this is very simple, is to learn people, take a look at the top ranking of the site, which on the site left traces, we can also do not pull left. I suggest using YAHOO international webmaster statistics, you can clearly see other sites in which blog on the left of the chain, please note that is international, not domestic.

if you use this method, can be found in foreign and domestic is a bit different, single page blog (, is more popular, the weight is high, can also be used as a marketing page; the article directories are many, there are the weight of the article is high station, have left you the link in the station on the stations, but also to give you a chain; and the more popular you can publish articles on the top of the station.

in short, the main imitation, the English chain is not a problem! When I’m free, I also sort out some can add the chain of Gao Quanzhong’s station to everyone, welcome onlookers!


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