Funny, bizarre, painful site building process (1)

apologizes to everyone for the first time. If there is a bad writing, please forgive me. Ben is a hundred percent newbie,

nonsense, less direct start, I also in A5 stroll for some time, see you webmaster a lot of soft Wen, just know that the original personal website is also profitable. I am secretly happy, not to have to make a website of my own. In the middle of this pain, struggling for a long time, in the end is true or false, in the end do or not do site?. Finally decided to do the website, because I have been dreaming of a movie site webmaster, regardless of earning money or earn money. So on the Internet looking for N long, if not find, Baidu search engine will be my search rotten. Finally found a decent movie program. Well, I’m happy again….. Finally, let me find a program for the movie. The first problem is solved.

then the second question comes again.. Domain name. Is there a program domain name or not?. So, start Baidu find domain name, just know domain name is to buy. Know the domain name to buy my sleepless nights. Where do you want to buy the domain name?.. Yes, give this to Baidu.. Find a lot of domain names. There you have a high price. So I hit the abacus.. What about CN?. Still buy COM?.. Finally decided to buy CN. As I am a new hand, I can save all my money. At this time, in my real life, what happened to me was very painful. One of my favorite girls was angry with me and ignored me. It’s my own cause. What’s the reason? Sorry to tell you. So in order to express his love and love for him. I chose the first letter of her name for the domain name. Add a 520 in the back, it becomes, and the name of the website, what’s the name of the girl you like, there is a "Qi" in it.. Later decided. Kiki movie I want to read the above we can see what is the name of the girl. "Qi Qi", we all guess ourselves: the guess can be raised inside the rumor.. So I solved second big problems. I think I’m a genius in my heart. Quack! No reason to be happy. The reason. Here, third questions come out again.

wrote here today when he was tired. Tomorrow, then write, we read, do not forget to guess who the girl is, oh. Message board, and finally I hope you Adsense earn a lot of money (reprint please indicate small station) tomorrow, then write third questions, bizarre, painful site. I hope you understand what typos.

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