See how the web of interest is located

as a webmaster, we must ensure that the development of the site needs good positioning, which is the decisive factor in future success!

, I’m a web owner. Tell me how to locate the website:

was the first to have a clear goal, that is why the customer will use your website main interests is to provide free business information, this should be a good direction in the current and future challenges, fee for service that is inevitable! Free in the future development trend is likely to be a


: the development of the market economy is an urgent need to develop the network wide market at the same time, it will produce a large number of B2B, B2C, C2C and other property website, but from their actual situation decision is B2B or the other, because no interest in a lot of manpower and resources to provide only the information service platform, so select the B2B


again: how the site operation is the important point, interest is mainly considered pre gathered a lot of popularity, maintenance costs can be maintained. So the personal server is to provide free service. It attracts a large number of businesses using user loyalty is very high!! about IP:PV=1:30


the above may be the simple positioning of interest, simple to share with you.

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