Novice webmaster free guidance training lecture notes (three) free to share and download!

Hello everyone, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ), participated in the plans for Wang ADMIN5 hosted novice Adsense training lectures (three) website promotion skills experience  .

Speaker: ADMIN5 webmaster (Mr. Wang)

I started talking about the practical aspects of promotion.

, we have been doing personal website, in fact, all the website process, is also the process of promotion, the webmaster concerned about the topic, that is, 2 words "promotion."".

I don’t talk about theory. You probably have read hundreds of articles in theory,

we have seen hundreds of articles the promotion of the article, why have seen what did not do

promotion. It focuses on execution, thinking more and acting more.

this is 2 words. I spent 3 years without understanding and understanding.

, because the word was heard 3 years ago,

promotion is the process of pushing, practicing   not talking about concepts.

so many companies do planning, and write planning theory, if not a few years of solid experience in promotion, actual combat, written articles are very vague,

, and we go to practice, all can only see sex, and not operational.

What is the scope of

promotion? No state, extended to 100

managed 10 thousand IP, that is enough, no promotion, people do

, but: Google, why do you recommend ads?. Do Firefox promotion.

even Google, but also to promote, and we, but also to promote.

, let’s talk about it. How do you promote it?.

at present, many webmaster promotion, but also a little blind, including myself, and many webmaster all like this.

what’s everybody promoting a website for?


want to see statistics? Just change the statistics.

so, to promote the purpose of this, think clearly,

, let’s think about

for 30 seconds

, what’s your website for promotion?

, do you want to make money, or for the future or for the user,


knows your website, >

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