The development of tourism websites goes to the fast lane, and the channel brand users are the core

with the improvement of people’s life, tourism has become a hobby for many people, don’t you see "from the" If You Are The One dating show, almost every girl has a travel loving, even with the sea of love "bait", visible tourism is very important in our life, and according to the relevant statistics, only in 2010, tourism websites domestic output value of more than about 30000000000, and almost in front of the first half of this year it completed 80% sales last year, the growth trend this year is still very gratifying, visible, now tourism website has entered the fast track of development


although we see huge profitability of travel websites from the rapid development of the tourism websites, but also see many on-line travel websites, will inevitably lead to fierce competition, will not become the group purchase website second? Many experts said that tourism websites and ordinary group purchase website or there are many different travel websites, especially the demand has been showing a growth trend, coupled with the tourism website as long as you grasp the core engine influence its forward ability, it almost grabbed the ladder of success, so what is the core engine of tourism website


according to this understanding, the core of tourism websites outside, users, channels and brands, the successful operation of a tourism website, if you leave the three core, like a fish out of water, simply can not survive, so how to grasp the core of the author’s own? Simple experience, and the webmaster friends share


1: channel development and construction

tourism website, in order to profit, to get more users, the premise of attracting users, is a brand, another is the content for the tourism websites, the content is equivalent to the channel, the rich content, can meet the needs of more users, than from the hotel reservation, such as ticket service, tourist routes and so on, if more rich, it shows that, the user can easily through a one-stop service website, to experience a very pleasant journey, for example, now very popular Ctrip Travel Websites, it is through the channels of extensive construction, it has attracted many users, and these users in turn. Bring great profits to the


two: brand building and maintenance

the company, as long as the leading travel and his secretary will help Ctrip boss set ticket, hotel and so on, this basically has become the consensus of the secretaries, but the consensus also shows that the success of Ctrip in brand operation above, is currently on the Internet what need to brand, brand can not only bring potential value to the site, and this value will soon be reflected in the profits, and the traditional enterprise brands still have certain difference, the traditional enterprise brand, through the accumulation of time, slowly to reflect its value, such as Coca-Cola, and for the site, brand > etc.

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