The local station, God of the forehead!

when we meet two women who are very fond of each other, the painful choice begins. It is impossible to choose the one and the other, the two together. Well, choice is the most painful thing at some point.

at present, because of many factors, entrepreneurship has become the topic of everyone at leisure, some friends or students began to network business process, some friends also participated in entrepreneurial activities, all of these entrepreneurs are to create their own piece of the sky. As a webmaster, want to through the website to realize their entrepreneurial ideas, so give yourself in website localization is a difficult process, because we may also have several ideas, several good direction, people are greedy, want what all go, ten finger just wanted to hold down twelve fleas, so the end result is that for a long time, the website is only just built more content, more than a few people, but don’t give yourself to what the sense of achievement, also let yourself feel tired all day. Therefore, we want to achieve our dream of entrepreneurship through the colorful world of this network, we must learn to accept and reject, and learn to accept and reject, so as to succeed in business.

at present, many friends have chosen to build network of local website to start their careers, vertical search, information classification, industry website, led the owners starting with the local site, although the scope of the website is small, but the webmaster in to their local website positioning, can not escape from the small portal thinking. As far as I’m concerned, the information network (western information network (, I had just started to build, news, city, countryside, education, sports, politics, economy, culture, leisure and so on, I have done, just started, okay, but in the end, do not, after all, is a person, originally working every day for a long time, when the daily updated after a section of the content, is tired, every day in addition to update the data, never time to do promotion, the operation is fast three months on the site every day, only more than 10 IP, look no direction. After careful consideration, the period also saw this for more than two months, which is what my friends for the site, analysis of these key words, finally, I put the site all the data deleted, re construction, the direction of the site is set smaller. Although it is not a very standard local website, but after all, targeted, and now also have time to do promotion.


site after the re construction, the beginning of the extension, for several days, although IP also kept in two digits, but is no longer the numbers, and the value of PV also started several times IP, look at this result, although some distressed previous data, but also can be happy.

I in the University also began the entrepreneurial process, many have chosen to start the way, but did not succeed, after graduating from college, and did not give up the idea of entrepreneurship, has been to achieve through this network platform.

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