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this is the first blog of the year, to tell the truth, I don’t know what to write that article, then thought for a moment, take yourself some Adsense commonly used query tool website to share out, to give you a brief introduction. In fact, these sites are familiar to everyone, but everyone’s understanding of these websites and views have some differences.

webmaster helper,

webmaster helper, as a professional webmaster query site, developed some query tools commonly used webmaster and Internet staff, such as website Links inspection tools, website query tool, PR query and so on, some website quality query commonly used in some specialized tools. The tools above are complete and used by many webmasters and Internet practitioners. The author is also one of the users of this station. However, Adsense helper website advertising seems a little more, in use, accidentally click on the website above advertising links, and there are these ads dazzling. The website hangs advertisement to make money understandable, but individual feels in certain position above, still do as little as possible. As shown in Figure:



(, the query’s professional webmaster query site, you should also not very familiar! This website officially launched, should be less than 2 months, is a friend and mouchangqing technology co founded, is a well-known tool Links platform go9go’s website. The temporary development of query tools include web sites, query tools, PR value query tools, keyword query tools, ALEXA ranking query, and so on. Webmaster commonly used tools are able to meet. However, this is a new station, there are many needs to improve the place, and compared to the webmaster helper, the number of professional tools is indeed less. Still to be added.

query for the LA, I personally think it still have their own characteristics, in the input query domain, a Baidu snapshot date, the number of the same IP address on the operation of the site, Baidu Google update included 24 hours of data, the major search engines on the web page included the number can be displayed at once out there is, the site contains historical data and ALEXA rankings show in the graph way, related data makes clear the recent trend of the website. As shown in Figure:


China Webmaster Station query tool

China Adsense station (CHINAZ) of the professional query tools, is a long time on-line webmaster tools one of the sites, should be used by many webmaster. There are web sites included query tools, IP inquiries, PR query, ALEXA ranking and other professional tools. The station is to each query tools are set up separately, only one item of the check, unlike webmasters, helpers and inquiries, so you can query a variety of data at a time. No >

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