Talking about the operation skills and experience of recruiting websites

as a function of the website operation command has been three years, three years into their industry the most basic environment, contact the most real users and manufacturers, and from contact with them is summarized the meaning of Web site operators. It can be said that although it is based on the network, but the site is even industry, and ultimately to be based on reality, good line and thinking is the key. And nowadays is also the hot spot of network recruitment, everyone is using this opportunity to carry on self promotion. So, in such a critical time, we should be from what aspects of the webmaster?.

has different coping strategies for different groups of people. Because the job is a skill matching process, in this process, with both sides is not unified, and this process of pay and return should also pay enough attention, so the proper position in the given tag sufficiently conspicuous is quite important, get the resources in different sub directory and, as far as possible in accordance with the industry position to be divided, don’t generally appear in the website homepage, this will give visitors a sense of the labor market, the information missing will increase.

network recruitment to have different value pursuit, you can end as the focus of their future development, but at present the domestic recruitment industry is still not fully mature stage, the low-end market must be the auxiliary function of a website or even the main function, because people attribute to the web site to find a job is very complicated, in before not completely fix this classification, we will post more popular in our life with them, not blindly follow the characteristics, while ignoring the most tastes. At least from the current development of the situation, most of the profits of the website or from the low-end market development, so in order to long-term development, the low-end market is still a need to grasp the point.

is not only a user, but for sponsors, we have to work hard, we can not think to find temporary staff to relax their vigilance. At least in my contact webmaster, truly successful stationmaster basically is the recruitment information tracking as an important task to carry out the customer service, because in the online recruitment industry is actually an unwritten rule, everyone in the fight of resources now, but in the users and resources to the development of the bottleneck when so it is necessary to see who the more intimate service, by providing a research staff quality level of them, we can know what kind of friends the most suitable for this industry, this is the most important, not only for them is a responsible attitude, is also good for their own long-term development.

‘s use of local resources is also a problem that needs to be addressed. Some friends think simple network recruitment market in the real network platform, the use of cyber source can achieve a more extensive user index, but this is only the market resources is relatively poor place, for the majority of the city, including the two or three line of the city. The use of offline resources is a must, and not only do we need to use them to upgrade the web

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