Pit father verification code the site conversion rate and user experience of the big killer

many sites to promote SEOer found himself 90% hours in doing three things: 1., link construction, 2., website content construction, 3. every day staring at Baidu or Google ranking and algorithm update. Of course, there are many SEOer realize that a good user experience, not only to enhance the conversion rate of the site, but also to establish a website brand reputation, and then bring more traffic. There are many ways to improve the user experience. Here, SEO experts who push overseas promotion don’t talk about UI, not talk about WPO, not about shopping process. We only say a little detail that we often ignore:

– site verification code.

everyone knows the role of the verification code is to prevent the form of the site is abused, especially by software robot abuse. As long as your website has interactive features such as comment and post, robots can find forms, fill out forms automatically, and send out a lot of advertising or fraudulent information. Robots do not fill out their own verification code so they cannot abuse forms.

, but the verification code can cause a lot of trouble:

first, the authentication code makes the user feel untrusted,

when you visit a website and encounter verification code, it’s like someone asks you, "are you a robot?" or "do you want to send spam messages here?"

like you to my shop, you just a door I asked: "you are a thief?", you will feel very cool


now, almost all websites are filled with such "no respect, no trusted users" verification code, we all used to be accustomed to, this is not a ridiculous thing,


second, verification code, resulting in conversion rate decreased by

, a foreign Kathy Henry who tested the verification code 4 years ago, found that if the code was closed, it would have brought some spam, but the conversion rate would increase by 3.2% in this step.

don’t look down on this a mere 3.2%, billion push for you to give an example: in the case of a verification code, user conversion rate 20%, if there is a verification code to 23.2%, so how to enhance the sales potential of


is not 23.2%-20%=3.2%

, but (23.2%-20%) /20% = 16%

, that is, your turnover is likely to rise by 16%, which is not a small figure.

third, validation code can cause frustration to users,

, let’s look at some of the pits’ verification code,





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