Who says Baidu does not include my station

Baidu! Actually I have been always on tenterhooks, because I do stand is about the human body art, many of my friends said that Baidu not included, his heart is also thought originally state management strictly, not included is not included, I sent a message to ADMIN5 in a very low price to sell to a station, who knows today, is Chinese weightlifting, look at the way included it, did not think Baidu should be so generous, I stood by, too happy, calm down come to think that Baidu is not so bad, but the page on my own hard work, here we talk about my process the station from the beginning to the collection of


I love the human body art is from the station until July 28th officially launched, on-line second days GG included 3 pages, YAHOO not included, Baidu did not include a not included, I did not care so much, every day to update my station, each column at least every update 2 article, from No. 28 to this day absolutely day off too stick to update page. In August 4th when YAHOO and a start included my station, and the day after the SOUGOU start page included, until today, the whole 12 days, Baidu included the home page GOOGLE included 30 page YAHOO included 72 page SOUGOU included 350 pages have included home! I think it is not wrong, because only just 12 days time, tell you as long as we adhere to the basic SEO can be updated every day to do, keyword try not too long, should be clear after the theme is not changed! As long as it is to update him Baidu or GOOGLE, absolutely will be included! The next step I is preparing to do my station in addition to a English English station station, need friends can contact me Oh! Finally I hope everyone to do technical experience station more exchanges, the problem can add my QQ:584919490 thank you Home!


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