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the Internet more and more personal websites have emerged, all want to be second HAO123, easier said than done. HAO123 technology content is not high, but why is the flow so large, is a good site positioning? Or domain name good to remember some, this also accounts for a part, and another part is to rely on promotion. The flow of the website also is stationmaster most headache problem, how to raise the flow of individual website, I have a few opinions to consult for everybody.

website development is the basis of traffic sources, we must do a good job of basic work, that is, do a good job of website optimization. Overall website optimization is good, all search engines will bring you huge traffic, compared to pay rankings advertising more valuable. Often, many sites do not do the work of the early, and later on when the flow does not come to think of optimizing the site, this will have some impact on the number of sites, the pace of development will slow down. More technical experts want to increase the flow by cheating, that can only enjoy a moment of happiness, then face is the search engine seal your website. So I don’t agree to use this method.

website basic work done, and then the development of the site to do the corresponding adjustment. I mean mainly for search engines, BAIDU and GOOGLE are the webmaster’s first choice. I suggest that the first to make adjustments to the BAIDU, after the submission of BAIDU will soon be included the station, the number of pages included will continue to increase, the flow may soon increase, but remember to early to control the flow, otherwise the consequence is dangerous. I took a website to do experiments, released more than 2 months a day, independent IP reached more than 8000, the result is not a few days in the BAIDU can not find my station. Also do not overheat in the early keywords, will cause BAIDU stop station personnel attention. Later, the site experience one end of the time, traffic in the up will not be too conspicuous. Say that finish, BAIDU said GOOGLE, GOOGLE included slower than BAIDU, do not have to do too much for the GOOGLE adjustment, because it’s page included frequency is slower, the prophase will not bring too much traffic. Wait until the flow of BAIDU is relatively stable, you can consider GOOGLE, then remembered Hu Baojie teacher often said a word, "BAIDU is sweet, bitter", "GOOGLE" is the first bitter sweet.

more than just personal advice is summed up, do two search engine optimization premise is not to do a serious violation of the rules of operation, do the two search, and other search engines will naturally flow up.

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