Soft Wen value a soft Wen is equal to how many P

many webmaster all know write soft Wen promotion own web site. What are the benefits of written text? One can directly drive the IP, a good soft Wen can bring a lot of IP to your website; second, can increase the reverse link, the high quality of soft Wen can be published on many websites, invisible can create a link to the site. High quality reverse link is equal to oneself can be searched for a short time included, also can improve the weight of the website. Thirdly, it is also the public relation of the website image, the exposure rate of the website comes up, just like the star, the attention degree is also high.

take my blog for example, such a blog station, in the soft Wen promotion, on-line first day to 55 ip. The second day is 142 IP, and today is the third day, it can not be said is full of soft credit, want to know to write soft actually very hard, but as a webmaster, how hard is because of this, who told people call our webmaster! The words of a very classic words, "we do not steal, do not grab two, is not our thing we don’t take on the conscience of it! This is the article I of the soft and the promotion of experience, that’s not good, you don’t blame me! I hope to help novice


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