Baidu keyword instability of my view

recently, my website has really gone through great ups and downs. Key words overnight all out?. I can’t say I can’t find it. For several months, has been in this state. Today, the key word is on the first page. You can’t find it after the update. It’s really depressing. Now say my operation, I hope everyone web site keywords can be stable.

1. friendship connection: recently has not added new connections, nor check the connection of the site. Have not been down right, did not go to check. I hope you don’t like me, connection, don’t add too often, but also can’t for a long time without adding, but also regularly check the weight of friends chain, see the home page keywords stable instability.

2. reverse connection: we do connection, must continue, stability. I can’t add 5 today. I don’t think it will be added tomorrow, so the website is the most affected. Avoid stability.

3. server: last week the website has been attacked and occasionally opened. It’s also the deadliest thing to do. Server must be stable, regular maintenance, maintain the stability of the site, so that Baidu spider will often patronize your station. Weight naturally go up.

4. website update: Web site often updated, Baidu spider will come to your station. If you stand 10 and a half months before the update, Baidu spider even go, but also catch fresh things, for a long time, browse the site do not want to go, and Baidu spider will not go. Naturally there is no weight. Website update must insist, every day even if update an article, Baidu spider will also favor your website.

recently made a web site on the same server, which changed the content of the 3 web site. Led to Baidu now included. So be prepared to observe, observe, and, if any, be sure to turn it off. The same IP server site has been punished. Can also affect other web sites.

finally, I hope everyone’s website will be better and better. My little station:

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