7 suggestions on website naming


starts doing web business, naming for websites / services is a very important step. The current Internet Co can start at a very low cost, and it seems that every few seconds there is a new birth. Here are some suggestions to help you properly name your service:

1. as brief as possible,

, Google.com, and AskJeeves.com two domain names, which do you think is more convenient to search every day for many times? Because of this, AskJeeves shortened the name to Ask. If the quality and function can not be better than competitors, it is necessary to make good use of the service. Whether the domain name is easy to enter will have a great impact on whether visitors are willing to visit frequently. Part of the reason I regularly go to CNN.com to read news is because it’s so easy to knock these 3 letters in the address bar. (Note: in China, QQ.com is the champion in this area) if the name is a word, the length is preferably 5-6 letters. You’d better not have more than two words.

2. is either generic or original

when Flickr is in the limelight, a considerable number of entrepreneurs seem to think that it established a Web naming standard 2 (Note: "omitted" nomenclature). Not really – – many services such as Locatr, Bookmarkr, Zooomr, Preloadr, and Frappr have not been the next target of Yahoo’s acquisition. (so my advice is) or buy a generic, highly consistent name at the expense of the price, or be creative, and make a unique, unique name.


to the bestThe name of the

web site cannot be difficult to read or write. If the pronunciation of a name makes it difficult for the tongue, then change it to a simple one. Imagine people asking each other: "have you ever heard of Internet service PriceWaterhouseCoopers?" I’ve never heard of it. Once the name began to mouth, you should not let people enter the address bar when you confused.

4. domain name to use.Com


Nintendo (Nintendo) releases the seventh generation host Wii, Wii.com has been registered. Fortunately, Nintendo has the money to buy the domain name. If your wallet doesn’t have a Nintendo drum, you’ll have to use your brain for a.Com name, instead of a good name and a world name. Even if the domain name has been registered, also check whois information, try to find domain names, all talk about whether to buy. You know, because of the popularity of Digg to Disney (Disney) dig.com how much extra clicks? If Digg will go back to the dig.com, it will be a tiger with wings added. But I wonder if Disney will sell. (Note: Yes, I don’t sell it

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