Google ranking is not a simple page optimization

many friends, when it comes to GOOGLE ranking, always think it is a single page tag optimization processing, in fact, this view is wrong.

GOOGLE ranking service, there are several steps to be done.

step 1: site diagnostics

site structure diagnosis: see if it is suitable for search engine habits;

website page diagnosis: see whether it is reasonable layout, properly handled;

web file name diagnosis: see if it uses an irrational file name;

website marketing basic diagnosis: look at its current use of network promotion is reasonable.

second step: website basic flow analysis

traffic statistics system installed

traffic antecedents analysis

Regional distribution analysis of

third step: website optimization processing

website structure optimization: to rationalize the site structure, suitable for search engine habits

website page optimization: Keywords layout, graphic processing, etc..

site optimization: make systematic connection of the site as a whole, on the one hand help search engines, a combination of user habits, to guide the user to view the content of the website, in order to contribute to the final business turnover of

website Tag Optimization: website tag design, optimize

fourth step: GOOGLE ranking other strategies

manufacturing Traffic: GOOGLE ranked key or traffic ah, in the process we will use many network marketing methods.

manufacturing external connections: through friendship, connections, articles, publicity, posts, publicity and so on, in a variety of ways to improve the site’s external connections.


site to do GOOGLE rankings do well, first of all to do their own good, good promotion, in order to achieve better rankings. Therefore, the GOOGLE ranking of the site should be considered in the perspective of integrated marketing, and then ­ to do. Only in this way can the effect be achieved.

if you want to rely on a single tag optimization, as well as cheating means to achieve the effect of GOOGLE ranking exam, it is very childish and ridiculous.

, after all, GOOGLE ranks for promotion. Well, the comprehensive promotion of the site is done, you can take a better ranking on the left side of Google is reasonable.

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