grew up with a little bird

Speaking of

do stand this line, according to my own strength level, because this is very difficult. Because all the basic are self-taught, not what a friend to teach me, so is always eat a mouth ash up to walk on. How many of them are rotten teeth knocked into his stomach I said in the pharynx…. are now shining tears. Well, at least in the words, said the words estimate we bench to hit over. First, I stand in the angle of the rookie said a few of my own domain name. A domain name before the longest time in Baidu is not included, estimated dead… But other search engines have included dozens of pages. The new domain name was later included in a short time. In contrast to the other engine but a reverse connection. This makes me not… Now I’m depressed..

said the following about my whole modification process (I can say this stuff I modify.SEO now is not what qualifications to shout.) because it is doing games PW release station the station, so the competition is quite intense, because this stuff money soon. However, you have to rank have to talk about the capital to a certain height. So I learned some big brother related experience is absolutely on my own for the revision of the.


1. first modifies the number of keywords for home and page titles

2. for some friendship connection to clean up (some of the same long time have not been included in the domain name I deleted).

3. on some other details, such as the bottom of the page where look carefully, think more relevant to repeat many times here where I changed all


4. purchased a new domain name and changed it to.

after the above efforts, the new domain name finally are included, which is now the only I can feel gratified things.. well above is my younger brother from learning to practice this time some of the bitterness of his own experience, you see, I don’t joke, but we all self-taught, pro acid furans!

also said the little brother I’m going to the new station again rushed love the 618 release, this time we must fight for breath to give him up, but also hope that big brother can help to me a good friendship connection position, grateful!

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